Shabd Book -

The Wasted Vigil

Nadeem Aslam

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ISBN : 9788184002904

Marcus Caldwell, and English widower and Muslim convert, lives in an old perfume factory in the shadow of the Tora Bora mountains in Afghanistan. Lara, a Russian woman, arrives at his home one day in search of her brother, a Soviet soldier who disappeared in the area many years previously, and who may have known Marcus’s daughter. In the days that follow, further people arrive there, each seeking someone or something. The stories and histories that unfold, interweaving and overlapping, span nearly a quarter of a century and tell of the terrible afflictions that have plagued Afghanistan-as well of the love that can blossom during war and conflict. 


Awesome book and highly recommended. Marcus Caldwell, an English widower and converted Muslim, resides in an abandoned perfume factory in Afghanistan under the shadow of the Tora Bora mountains. One day, Lara, a Russian woman, comes to Marcus's house looking for her brother, a Soviet soldier who vanished in the region many years ago and may have known Marcus's daughter. More people start to show there in the days that follow, each looking for someone or something. The interconnected and overlapping histories and stories span almost 25 years and describe the dreadful diseases that have afflicted Afghanistan, as well as the love that may grow in times of war and struggle.

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