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Dr. Parul R. Sheth

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ISBN : 9788123744247

The Sun is a life-giver, forever shining and giving out light and heat. It sustains the life and activity on Earth. The fiery mass is also the driving force behind weather patterns, creating rainbows and rain, providing solar energy and life threatening illnesses as well. The list is endless. The Sun plays an important part in our development as a modern social society and continues to influence us today and for many years to come. This book will appeal to all those who are curious to know more about the wonders pertaining to the mind-blowing effects of our nearest star on the natural events that occur on the Earth, on plants, animals and human beings. 


Amazing book and highly recommended. The Sun is a source of life since it always shines and radiates heat and light. It keeps the planet's life and activities going. The flaming mass is also the cause of weather patterns, producing rain and rainbows as well as solar energy and deadly diseases. The list goes on and on. The Sun has had a significant impact on how we have evolved into a contemporary social culture, and it will continue to do so for a very long time. This book will pique the interest of anyone who wants to learn more about the amazing influences of our nearest star on Earth's natural processes, including those that affect humans, plants, and animals.

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