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The Namesake

Jhumpa Lahiri

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Completed on 23 May 2022
ISBN : 9780007258918

Join Ashima in her journey through complex Indian situations Namesake is the brainchild of Jhumpa Lahiri. The story unfolds with Ashima’s grandmother coming to know that Ashima is pregnant. She was very excited when she came to know this and extremely happy as well on the fact that she would have the opportunity to name the family’s first Sahib. As the story unfolds, Ashima and her husband Ashok have yet not decided a name for their baby until a letter arrives from their grandmother. Join Gogol as he faces the stigma of his name and the situations that he faces Ashima’s father sends a letter to Baby Boy Ganguli, actually putting up the name as 'baby boy’. But the American bureaucracy demands a name. In a hurry, they put the name 'Gogol’ not realizing the harsh consequences that this name would have in the future. As time passes, Gogol is raised in suburban America. As he grows, he finds his name ridiculous and is reluctant to us it. His awkward name twitches him. He decides to leave behind the inherited values of Bengali lifestyle and starts on his path to find a good life and comes face to face with conflicting loyalties, love and loss along the way. Will Gogol survive the torture and make a name for himself? Gogol finds his way through complex situations and still dreams of a perfect life. Grab the book to find out how he goes along his path and will he survive with the stigma of his name? 


Great book and highly recommended. Follow Ashima as she navigates challenging Indian circumstances. Jhumpa Lahiri is the author of namesake. Ashima's grandmother learns that she is expecting as the story progresses. When she learned of this, she was ecstatic and delighted to learn that she would be able to give the family's first Sahib a name. When a letter from their grandma arrives, Ashima and her husband Ashok still haven't decided on a name for their child as the story progresses. Join Gogol as he confronts his name's stigma and the circumstances he encounters. In reality, Ashima's father addresses a letter to Baby Boy Ganguli as "baby boy." The American bureaucracy, however, requires a name.

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