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Thank you Facebook

Arun Kumar Shrivastava

2 Chapters
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Completed on 19 January 2023
ISBN : 978-93-94582-29-3
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Every day our mind starts wandering by becoming a participant-participant in the nearby local-regional- national and even international activities or activities and after going through the conflict of opinion and difference of opinion, takes one idea as its own. And, then his desire for the manifestation of that idea begins to intensify.  


very cleanly written and interesting, but a little slow. The title page intrigued me so that made this one go on my list. I'd recommend reading first novel from the series. 4 stars' worth of interest.

"Thank You Facebook" by Arun Kumar Shrivastava is a thought-provoking exploration of the impact of social media, particularly Facebook, on our lives and society as a whole. Shrivastava, an experienced writer and technology enthusiast, delves into the various dimensions of Facebook's influence, shedding light on both its positive contributions and the challenges it poses. The book begins by tracing the origins and growth of Facebook, highlighting its evolution from a simple social networking platform to a global phenomenon with billions of users. Shrivastava acknowledges the immense value Facebook has brought to our lives, such as facilitating communication, connecting people across the world, and enabling the sharing of ideas and experiences.