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The Alcys


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Larae, a renowned scientist in a world plagued by intense heat, conducts dangerous experiments on survivors to adapt them to the new climate. She captures a young boy, Troi, and transforms him into a lizard-human hybrid. Her colleague, Cara, objects but is overruled. As Troi undergoes the procedure, Cara interrupts with news of a survivor in need. Reluctantly, Larae agrees to investigate. They find a man fighting an Alcys (a mutated creature) and save him. Larae considers using him for experimentation. Cara challenges Larae's ruthless approach, realizing she is becoming like her. Meanwhile, Troi's transformation progresses. In a moment of redemption, Larae decides to let the man in, but as he approaches, an Alcys attacks. Larae shuts the door, prioritizing her research. 



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