Politics and Unemployment

12 August 2022

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Politics and Unemployment

Politics and unemployment have always been the burning issues for any country. Understandably so, because both of these not only mutually affect each other but also have serious repurcussions on the progress and welfare of the economy of the nation.

In a democratic nation like India unemployment has emerged as a serious problem. Not only because India is battling with genuine issues, like poverty and over population but also because of the role politics plays.

Politics is all about the power the ruling party has in terms of formulating economic policies and implementing them successfully. But this power has its limitations.

The first and foremost problem is the universal human problem, summarized very aptly in the quotation: 'Power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely.'

The intentions of the ruling party may evoke mistrust.

In a democracy, the opposition party can definitely check this. But in reality, all the opposition party does is to oppose the ruling party, whose intentions are questionable.

Morever, the ruling party has to please different segments of people, in order to maintain itself in power in the next election.

So, it may not be able to implement the required policies to curb unemployment.

And if unemployment continues for a long time in the country then understandably the youth will become frustated. This will further increase poverty and the economic and social condition of the country will worsen.

Is there a solution to this distressing problem?

The immediate and short-term solution according to me lies with the youth only. There has to be a drastic change in the mindset of the people. Jobs and only jobs are not the single-most way of earning a living.

It is true that a government job is a decent security of life-long earning. But then, there is a limit to the availability of the number of government jobs, which in reality are far less. Coming to private jobs, even these are also very few. Also, private jobs don't come with job security.

So, it is better if the youth take responsibility themselves by training themselves in skills and to generate self employment with a little support from the banks and experienced people. It is not so easy, but if they stick to it for long and work hard in the correct direction they would definitely succeed. In fact, they would, in turn, help others gain employment and happiness.