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Meow Meow

Srinath Rao

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Completed on 24 March 2023
ISBN : 9789356295872
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Call her a police informant, a slumlord, a successful businesswoman, a caring grandmother-but do not call Shashikala ‘Baby’ Patankar a drug dealer. On 9 March 2015, a constable in the Mumbai Police force, Dharmaraj Kalokhe, was arrested by the local police for possession of a white powder believed to be the synthetic drug Mephedrone. His partner, Shashikala ‘Baby’ Patankar, was the informant. Later she was arrested by the police, too. In the days that followed, the Maharashtra Police declared her a criminal and the media labelled her ‘drug queen’, but Baby always considered herself an innocent. Unearthing new facts about the case, this book is a blow-by-blow account of Baby’s capture and the investigation that followed. It is also the story of Mephedrone – better known as Meow Meow – which, when it entered the schools, colleges and pubs of Mumbai, changed the rules of the game and the enforcement of narcotics laws in the city. Fast and pacy, Meow Meow is the tale of one of Mumbai’s most baffling crime and the intriguing life that Baby Patankar led. 


Its really a unique and wonderful story to read, and highly recommended. The character of Shashikala 'Baby' Patankar, a police informant, a slumlord, a successful entrepreneur, or a loving grandmother, but never a drug dealer, was amazing to know. Dharmaraj Kalokhe, a constable with the Mumbai Police, was detained by the neighbourhood police for possessing what was thought to be a white powder that was Mephedrone. The informant was Shashikala 'Baby' Patankar, his partner. Later, she was also taken into custody by police. The Maharashtra Police declared her a criminal in the days that followed, and the media referred to her as a "drug queen," but Baby always believed she was innocent. This book offers a detailed narrative of Baby's capture and the subsequent investigation, revealing fresh information about the case. Additionally, it tells the tale of mephedrone.