19 September 2022

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What is the Secret of Death and Rebirth?
Will we come back to planet earth?
When we realize 'Who is the 'I' that will die,'
We will not cry, look up at the sky and ask, 'Why?'

DoyoudoubtDeath?Doyouacceptthe factthatyouwilldie,or
doyouthinkyouwilllive forever?Haveyoustoppedtoponder
on what will happen to you after you pass away? Where will
you go? People will say that you passed away, as they pray for
you to R.I.P. Will you actually Rest In Peace, or will you turn
into pieces as you are burnt or buried at death? Why will your
loved ones burn you? Is there any doubt that in reality they do
not burn you, they only burn your body? If it were you, would
theyeverlight a fire toyouandmakeyousuffer?Haveyouever
Do you believe inRebirth?What happens after we die?What is
death? Is death the same as sleeping? After we sleep, we wake
up, but will we wake up after we die? Is it 'game over' at death
ordo youbelieve that you will be born again?Do youbelieve in
the Law of Karma? Do you accept that only the body will die,
andyou will be born, again andagain,to settle your pastdeeds,
If you believe in Karma, then how will this Law of Action and
Reaction unfold? When the body returns to dust, who will
face Karma and how? Will you go to heaven or hell and meet
God? Will there be a final Day of Judgement? Will your Soul
hover around, waiting for God to punish you for your sins or
reward you for your good deeds? Or, will you experience
heaven and hell, right here on earth when you take Rebirth?

Most of us accept the reality of death, but some of us doubt the
concept of rebirth. Somehow, we can't fathom how we can be
reborn. We just don't understand who will be reborn and how
the process will work. We think rebirth is nothing more than a
myth, a fairy tale.Butthen, when we see a little childbeing born
blind, we wonder, 'Why is God so cruel? Is God incompetent or
is itjustluck, chance,fateor serendipity?'
Do you think that everything that is happening in this world is
just a random act of nature or do you believe that there is an
intelligent design, and everything is governed by the laws of the
Creator? Have you ever wondered why apples don't grow on
mango trees? If you believe in the Law of Action and Reaction,
thenallthe actionsofourlife,don'tjustdisappear,theyare stored
inanaccountthatwemust settle.Onedaywedie,buttheaccount
remains. We come back to earth, in a rebirth to settle our actions,
our Karma. While this seems very logical, the mind doesn't
believe it so easily. We need to Realize the Truth. We need
Enlightenment. When we join the dots, we will see the picture,
andthenwewill experiencean'Aha!'aswewillRealize theTruth
understand rebirth, but we will discover the secret of escaping
from the cycle of constant death and rebirth, of overcoming
misery and suffering, again and again. We will escape from
Will you believe in the fairy tale of heaven and hell?
Or will you discover the secret of Death and Rebirth,
And be free from the tales that scriptures tell?

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