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How to Think Like Sherlock

Daniel Smith

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Completed on 8 February 2023
ISBN : 9788183224772
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This book will boost your powers of observation, memory, deduction and reasoning using the techniques of the worlds most famous detective. Read more 


In "How to Think Like Sherlock," Daniel Smith presents a captivating and instructive exploration of the brilliant detective's thought processes, offering readers a fascinating glimpse into the mind of Sherlock Holmes. Drawing from Arthur Conan Doyle's iconic character, Smith skillfully distills the detective's deductive reasoning and observational skills into practical techniques that can be applied in everyday life. The book begins by introducing readers to Sherlock Holmes and the unique qualities that set him apart as a master of deduction. Smith adeptly weaves together examples from Conan Doyle's stories to showcase the detective's keen observation, astute analysis, and logical reasoning, setting the stage for readers to embark on their own journey of learning to think like Sherlock.

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