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Horror-paranormal books in english

this section is intended for those who are interested in the topic of horror fiction. It focuses on full-length novels with the information presented as ideal starting points for those curious about learning more and who don’t know where to start or otherwise looking for a basic introduction before performing more in-depth research.
डर या प्रेम

इस कहानी में जहां एक प्रेत का डर दिखाया गया है, तो वहीं एक लड़की का बेपनाह प्यार भी।किसकी होगी जीत और किसकी होगी हार, डर की या लड़की के प्यार की, आइए चलते हैं एक अजीब प्रेम कहानी की ओर।

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22 October 2022
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The Slaves of Magic

Parth, a demoniac aks (magical gait), is in awe of Aastha, a black magician’s pride. He had everything — name, fame, riches, all that he needed, except the one. What was the one he needed the most? Nobody knew except a few. They formed his core group

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4 September 2022
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