The Beginning

28 August 2022

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Once there was a beautiful village situated far away from city rush in Chhusang peak.
People come from different countries to see it's beauty, natural habitat and it's most beautiful mountains. It seems like heaven in the earth.
                          It was the golden Era for valley as it was famous for its tourism and hospitality. People love to come here in their vacations.
                             But then after a time ago a very tragedies incident happened in the valley that force its entire population to leave the valley.Chhusang Village.article-image
There was a married couple living in that village kanji and his wife Yuri. They loved each other and were living happily& peacefully. article-image 
kanji was very hardworking person. He was a wood-cutter cutting woods for his living. Yuri was most beautiful women of the valley. They both live very happily among other people in the valley till the very bad incident happened with them.
          Once kanji was in forest doing his job. Then he saw a group of tourists coming there they were very loud, screaming and laughing.Chhusang Villagearticle-image
He stopped them and tell them to maintain peace and not doing crazy things there, as it was holy place but they didn't listen to him and move forward.
They refused what kanji was trying to say and continued their activities. Nobody in the village like their behaviour and they refused to provide any kind of hospitality and service to the bad group. article-image
As a result they didn't find any shelter in the village. Soon it will be going to night there. They must need some shelter to spend their night or may caught by cold. It was very cold place as located in the top of the mountain. At 7pm in the evening cold wind began to blew, nobody was out there due to cold only the group of stupid tourists wandering here and there for Shelter. But everyone refused them to stay in their houses because of their bad behaviour.article-image

Now it was pin drop silence. No-one was there the only way of survival left was found some shelter or die in the cold. They decided to search shelter outside that village. They again start wandering, then they found a house at some distance from the village & it was alone. article-image
it look weird old house having wooden walls required some repairing. It was out of the village so looked more scary and haunted but the group had no option left they have to stay there for night. They went there they saw the door it was old wooden door having its lock broken and making chuckling sounds. They open the door and went inside. Now it was 10 pm so they decided to burn some fire so that they keep them warm and safe. They were looking for some woods and found some wooden crates in the store. They try to burn them but they can't everytime they try to burn it a very cold snowy wind starts blowing as a result they didn't not able to make them fire.Now it was 12am in the mid night, all were sleeping..


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