Guru's place divine

25 November 2023

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In our sacred country, where wisdom's flame does glow,

The teacher's noble role, a truth we hold dear, you know.

Creator of a nation's dreams and schemes,

In reverence, their radiant light forever gleams.

Within Hindu's faith, the guru's place divine,

Above celestial gods, their wisdom's sacred sign.

In Bhagavad Gita's verses, a timeless song,

As teacher, Lord Krishna guides our hearts where they belong.

From the depths of shadows, a guru's steadfast hand,

Guides students to a brighter, wiser, prosperous land.

They lift them from obscurity, set their spirits free,

To flourish in the brilliant light of a noble society.

In this modern age, where commerce seeks to gain,

Let us safeguard the values that should forever remain.

Education is not a mere commodity to trade,

But a treasure shared with all, let no one be dismayed.

Knowledge, like the air we breathe, a birthright for each soul,

Unfettered by caste or creed, it makes our spirits whole.

A gauge of society's progress, advancement's dance,

The educated heart, humanity's true chance.

The cornerstone of joy, education's gentle grace,

Unlocks the doors to every hopeful, promising place.

A path to salvation, it generously does bestow,

The wisdom of our inner selves, we joyously come to know.

So let us laud the teachers, their honor's steadfast, true,

Their sacred mission, they tirelessly pursue.

Divine the gift of knowledge that they lovingly share,

With gratitude, we proclaim, their devotion is beyond compare.