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Dear Father

Bhabendranath Saikia

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Completed on 6 October 2022
ISBN : 8123723415

Bipul, a naughty boy is a nagging worry for his parents, One day while he was out with his friends he is beaten up badly. Nobody knows who beat him and for what reason. The story unravels the mystery of this strange happening. Orginally witten in Asamiya by one of Assam's renowned writers. (Age-group 14-16) 


Amazing book and highly recommended. Bipul, a mischievous youngster, causes his parents constant stress. One day, while he was out with his buddies, he was severely assaulted. Nobody is aware of who beat him or why. The riddle behind this odd occurrence is solved by the story. Originally written in Asamiya by a well-known author from Assam.

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