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Chanakya in the Classroom: Life Lessons for Students

Radhakrishnan Pillai

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ISBN : 9789353049393

Good Morning, Chanakya Sir! How we wish that this was true—that we could get the sharpest of minds to teach us how to deal with the myriad challenges life throws us! What are some of the principles and suggestions given by the most revered teacher and observer of human nature that work best for students? Best-selling author of the Chanakya Series, Radhakrishnan Pillai, culls out some of these nuggets from the master and presents them in a lucid, easy to understand manner, making Chanakya’s teachings accessible to everyone. Systematically addressing the most common issues faced by students, this book will help in: • Concentration • Purpose • Learning • Discipline • Awareness • Devotion • Duty • Responsibilities 


A very good book that every student must read. The great Chanakya's teaching in the form of a book which explains them to children and also help them understand how to apply it in real life. What are some of the rules and advice offered by the most renowned mentor and student of human nature that are most effective for students? The Chanakya Series' best-selling author, Radhakrishnan Pillai, selects a few of these pearls from the master and offers them in a clear, understandable way that makes Chanakya's teachings accessible to everyone. This book will assist in: Concentration, Purpose, Learning, Discipline. It does this by methodically tackling the most prevalent problems that pupils experience.

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