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Bhagat Singh was not only one of India's greatest freedom fighters and revolutionary socialists, but also one of its early Marxist thinkers and ideologues. He wrote four books and a pamphlet in jail. Unfortunately, all the four books, smuggled out of jail, have been lost. Luckily the pamphlet, Why I am an Atheist, written a few days or weeks before his martyrdom, was smuggled out to his father, who published it in June 1931 in The People. Bhagat Singh was also asked by an old revolutionary, Ram Saran Das, to write an introduction. to a collection of his poems, entitled Dream Land. Both these works reveal the quality of Bhagat Singh's mind, his wide reading, his capacity to understand complex issues and then present them in an easily understandable manner. The National Book Trust, India, is proud to present these two writings of Bhagat Singh on the occasion of the 100th birth anniversary of Bhagat Singh, as also to mark the 75th year of his martyrdom, with an introduction by Prof. Bipan Chandra. 


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Great book. One of India's most notable revolutionary socialists and independence fighters, Bhagat Singh was also one of the country's first philosophers and adherents of Marxism. In prison, he produced a pamphlet and four volumes. The four volumes that were smuggled out of jail have sadly all been destroyed. Fortunately, his father received the pamphlet Why I Am An Atheist, which was prepared just days or weeks before his martyrdom and was published in June 1931 in The People. A veteran revolutionary named Ram Saran Das also asked Bhagat Singh to write the preface for a collection of his poems titled Dream Land. Both of these pieces showcase Bhagat Singh's intelligence, his extensive reading, and his ability to comprehend and effectively communicate complicated ideas.

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