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Astra: The Quest for Starsong

Aditya Mukherjee , Arnav Mukherjee (Author)

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Completed on 2 February 2023
ISBN : 9780143443025
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The world should burn . . . burn like a star! The balance of the world is askew. The winds speak of a terror from the south. Ravana, the Lord of Lanka, is on the march. Seers whisper that he has awakened Starsong, a mythical astra of the gods. And that he thirsts for this weapon that will make him invincible. But there is one thing that he hasn't considered. Up high in the glistening tower of the city of Ulka is a boy, held captive.Today is the day Varkan, the young prince of Ashmaka, will taste freedom. Today is the day he will lay claim to his destiny as the wielder of Starsong. And along the way, perhaps he will change the destiny of the world itself. Read more 


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