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A Basketful of Animal Tales: Stories From the Panchatantra

Sreelata Menon

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Completed on 5 January 2023
ISBN : 9789353029692
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'Give me six months, and I will teach your sons how to live wisely. They will make you proud,' said the Pandit. And thus was born the great book of animal stories - The Panchatantra. Cunning jackals, stupid crocodiles, lumbering elephants and clever mice. Foolish fish and clever crows, quick-witted monkeys and dim-witted lions. Pit your wits against them in this feast of animal stories! The Panchatantra stories are ancient yet so contemporary that they have been retold again and again through the ages. They remain as modern as any new story today. Read more 


Very interesting book to read. Recommended for everyone. It educates to live sensibly if you give me six months. The Panchatantra, a famous book of animal tales, was thus created. shrewd crocodiles, lumbering elephants, cunning mice, and cunning jackals. Smart crows and cunning monkeys, astute lions and stupid fish. In this feast of animal tales, test your wits against them! The Panchatantra stories are timeless classics that have been recited repeatedly throughout history.

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