Today's Relationship

2 April 2024

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When is the right time to end a relationship? Is it when you’re tired of understanding one another? Is it when you don’t feel the butterflies in your stomach anymore? Is it when there’s no longer a thrilling part about your relationship? A person can come up with many reasons to end a relationship they’ve built together. But then, it takes one reason for them to keep it working out, to continue what they started. it is when they keep choosing one another despite difficulties and misunderstandings. Love and relationship will always be a choice of two people willing to sacrifice whatever it takes to keep them together. I know, each of us, has different beliefs in loving someone and building a relationship with that person. But I always wish that more people would be brave enough to always choose one another rather than give up. The world would have fewer broken hearts roaming around and finding the love that desires them. Because that’s what we only needed. Someone to choose us each day. Especially on those days when we have already given up understanding ourselves.