If you want to see the total list of your purchased books, free or paid, all you have to do is hop on to the section named “Library”. When you’ll click onto this section, you’ll find all your books

 There’s a column on named “Your Profile”, on which you can read about the information about your profile like for example, which book you’ve written, which article have you written, who an

 When you come down in the home page, the first thing you see are the popular books in paid and free category, and then the new books in both paid and free categories.   But here you cannot see ALL

 Both the site and application of has the same features on which you can write your articles. Here we will update you about how you can utilize the feature of “Your Articles” and “Your Book

 Dashboard is one of the most important features of where you can find all updated and published books at one place chronologically. You can find this option at the second place in the list

 In this column you can easily write the next chapters of half completed books, or even published books. This option can be located just below the dashboard where you can publish your article. Here

 If you’ve forgotten your password for, don’t worry, as you can easily recover your password. A lot of users who don’t actively use a site and keep their passwords written often end up forg

 Shabd.In is a self-publishing platform which gives you an opportunity to publish your books at low costs.   How Does Self-Publishing Works in Shabd.In?  When you choose the self-publishing service

 It’s very easy to create your book on To create this book, you would have to go to the button of “Write” and select “Publish New Book”. Write the title of the book here, upload the cover

 1. When You:  Login into and click on write, you’ll get to see an icon named “Publish Book”, choose this option and click on it.   2. Now You:  Have to write about the title and blurb of

 If you’re trying to find an article, a book or any user on Shabd, you can use the “Search” option. Let’s understand how can you easily find the articles, books and users on by using the se

 If you want to know who is following you on the platform of or check whom you’re following then you’ll have to click on the follow button, both on site and in application.   In the follow facilitates you to change your personal information like photo, phone number, city, or add something in your bio and to do the same you would have to go to the settings box. Here you

 In order to be able to write on Shabd.In, first and foremost you would have to signup on After completing the signup process you would’ve to create a book or else a diary would be created

 You can read any published post on Shabd.In application with ease according to your wish.   We can bifurcate the same in 4 parts:  1. How to view all published posts on Shabd.In?  2. How to view

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If you’re a new user on, this is how you can create a new account for yourself on the platform. Here we’re providing you a list of the same. 1. First, you would have to login from yo

While writing this book, I dropped in one day at the University of Chicago and asked the Chancellor, Robert Maynard Hutchins, how he kept from worrying. He replied: "I have always tried to follow a

I have a letter from Mrs. Edith Allred, of Mount Airy, North Carolina: "As a child, I was extremely sensitive and shy," she says in her letter. "I was always overweight and my cheeks made me look ev

I have known Harold Abbott for years. He lives at 820 South Madison Avenue, Webb City, Missouri. He used to be my lecture manager. One day he and I met in Kansas City and he drove me down to my farm

I recently met a business man in Texas who was burned up with indignation. I was warned that he would tell me about it within fifteen minutes after I met him. He did. The incident he was angry about