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S. L. Bhyrappa

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ISBN : 9789353337865

‘What is the cow for, if not for human utility?’ Yangata felt stunned by these words. He had never thought about the question of whether cattle existed merely for human utility or whether humans were born for the utility of cattle or whether one is born merely for another’s utility. Village headman Kalinga Gowda’s grandson, also named Kalinga, studies agriculture and cattle rearing in the US and returns to his native village with his American wife, Hilda, to pursue farming. But Hilda’s modern methods of farming and cattle rearing are at odds with the native traditional beliefs of the villagers. Her inability to understand local customs, and her complete unwillingness to adapt to the life here begins a chain of conflict resulting in an explosive finale. Alone and alienated, Kalinga has to face the bitter truth of his own actions when his own infant's survival is at stake. 


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